A senior at Options Westfield, Kyleigh Brownell has attended Options since her freshman year of high school at Options Carmel and next up is graduation (and a whole lot more) in May 2023!

Kyleigh is currently in her second year of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program at J Everett Light Career Center. It is a two-year program that allows students to gain practical training and experience in the emergency medicine field. Kyleigh is on her way to being EMT-certified before graduating high school! Read on to hear from Kyleigh about her dual credit & Options experiences!

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Hear From Options Schools Student Kyleigh Brownell

How did you discover your passion for being an EMT?

“I want to be a paramedic ultimately, as that is my goal. I found out I liked medicine when I was in something called Civil Air Patrol. When I was eleven, I was going to be on their search and rescue team. When I was going through the training for search and rescue, I really liked the medical aspects. That’s how I figured out that I wanted to pursue emergency medicine. I also like the aspect of the job where you’re always on the go and moving, and I like that you don’t just stay in one place all day.”

What has the program been like for you?

“So the first semester you can actually get certified as an EMR, or Emergency Medical Responder, which I am currently. It’s one level below an EMT, so you don’t do every skill that an EMT would do, like transport patients, but you can help with basic emergency medicine.

There is an EMR practical and test every year, and I passed both of those last year, which allowed me to become an EMR. Because I passed my EMR requirements, this year I’ve been evaluating other students for their practicals. That has really helped me relearn everything, which is nice.

Since I already completed the EMR aspect and am close to my EMT certification, this year I’ve been helping out more and helping other students work on their certifications. Aside from the EMR and EMT certification, there are other things we have been certified in, like CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), CPR, First Aid, and others.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“I don’t have a certain place or area that I’m looking to move to, but I know I want to stay in emergency medicine. On a ride-along in October, I got a better idea of what I’d like to do after graduating from Options. I’m thinking of working as an EMT, probably through Indy EMS, until I’m 21. During that time, I am looking to do the Fire Academy. Then once I’m 21, I’ll be able to join a firehouse, and I’ll have both my fire firefighter and EMT certifications complete.”

How has Options made a difference to you?

“I was never passionate about school, but Options has been awesome, especially the staff, and I’m excited to be graduating and pursuing something for a career that I really like to do.”

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