collage of projects done by options students; artwork and 3d printing

At Options Schools, we strongly believe in the importance of business education. As an alternative education school, our mission is to offer students an approach to education that isn’t available in a traditional school setting. We’ve put together this article to spotlight our Noblesville & Westfield business teacher, and some of our students who have found a passion in the subject. Read on to hear from Options’ own and discover all that our programs can offer!

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Options Business Program

According to the National Business Education Association (NBEA), teaching high school students business courses “contributes to a workforce that is prepared to lead, collaborate, and innovate.” This directly aligns with Options Schools’ mission to foster motivated, creative, and emotionally intelligent students who are prepared to positively contribute to their communities.

Our Business Course Offerings:

  • Personal Finance
  • Admin & Office Management
  • Principles of Business Management
  • College and Careers
  • Business Technology
  • Additional courses available through dual credit opportunities

Hear From Options Schools Staff & Students

Thomas Yazell

Business Teacher
Thomas Yazell teaches Personal Finance, Admin & Office Management, Principles of Business Management, College and Careers, and Business Technology at Options. Teaching high school students feels “full circle” for him.

Once a struggling high school student without much support from teachers, Yazell views his current role as an opportunity to be that support to Options students. Now, it is his passion to inspire students to do the same – work through obstacles to find success.

This is why “communication” and “emotional intelligence” are at the heart of all his teachings. “I spend time talking to students about their communication styles, conflict management skills, and things that are real life lessons,” he says. He also finds purpose in helping his students discover other paths. For example, when he brought up entrepreneurship in class, many students became excited about the opportunity they hadn’t even realized was an option.

For Yazell, the best part of the job is seeing his students light up when they discover their passions. “It is exciting to hear students talk about something they’re passionate about and how they can harness that passion into something that can be a part of their future. And it is all about making that first step.”

Leelynd C.

Student, 10th Grade
Leelynd Catron is one Options student who found a true passion in the business program. He was able to take something he had a genuine interest in, 3D printing, and turn it into a business – which is any entrepreneur’s dream. “It was a hobby at first, and then I started making money.”

“It really sparked for me around 2019-20. I just thought that it was so cool because I love technology and that kind of stuff, and so that has always been interesting to me. So I got into it. And then, no less than a year after, I got a laser engraver,” Catron says. Yazell, his business teacher, says that Catron really “came alive” when he started taking business classes. He is already having discussions about how he can develop his skills for the future, beyond his current approach of selling 3D printed items.

Nevaeh D.

Student, 10th Grade
Neveah DeBaun is another example of a stellar business student. She has had a deep, life-long passion and appreciation for creative arts. Because of her love for art, business was never at the front of her mind–but then she started taking business classes and discovering how she could blend the two. “I’ve been very into researching where I can sell my artwork and what classes I can take to become more successful in the area of making it into a business.”

Though her dream is to gain her Ph.D. in Psychology, she would love to have a plus-sized fashion business on the side. DeBaun recognizes how her experience in business classes has already aided in her goals. She says her classes helped her go from being “unmotivated” to genuinely “excited about the future.” “They have encouraged me to really try to think about making a business out of these things I’m passionate about, and I see how awesome it would be to contribute to the art world.”

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