How Emotional Intelligence Benefits Students

Every parent hopes that their child will become a well-rounded, thoughtful, and accomplished individual. Academic intelligence is important, yes, but that alone does not equate to success. Emotional intelligence is a key factor in students’ success–not only in an academic setting but throughout their life. Interested in learning more? Options Schools has compiled this guide on emotional intelligence, how it benefits students, and how we implement it in our curriculum.

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Understanding Emotional Intelligence

So what is emotional intelligence? Also known as emotional quotient or EQ, emotional intelligence is a measure of how well an individual manages their own emotions, as well as process the emotions of others. It was popularized in the 1990s by psychologist Daniel Goleman and is used in many academic and professional settings today.

There are five elements of emotional intelligence:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Motivation
  4. Empathy
  5. Social skills

These elements refer to how well one can identify their emotions, process them, and apply them to different tasks and social situations. Interested in taking a deeper dive into the development and practice of emotional intelligence? Read this guide from Psychology Today!

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Students

Better Problem-Solving

Academics are a great setting for students to develop their problem-solving skills. Students with greater emotional intelligence will be able to look at the problem objectively and apply their emotions to it. They will feel greater control over the issue rather than letting the issue control them, sending them on a positive trajectory through their academic careers and life.

Stress Management Tools

Academics are often a major, if not the biggest, stressor in children’s lives. This is especially true as they progress to higher levels of education and begin prepping for their professional life. Without proper stress management tools, it is easy for children to burn out. Those with high emotional intelligence are better able to identify stress triggers and determine how to deal with them. This is an essential skill that students will carry into adulthood.

Increased Self Awareness

Self-awareness is a trait that many people don’t develop until adulthood. Teaching emotional intelligence in school is incredibly beneficial to students’ development. In a time of great stress and emotional highs and lows, it can be easy to feel lost. Higher self-awareness allows students to recognize their positive and negative feelings and move forward in a positive direction.

Greater Empathy

School is essentially a trial run for the real world–it’s often the first setting where children encounter people from diverse backgrounds. It is also where they learn how to foster their first relationships outside of their families. Empathy is a key tool in school settings, and high emotional intelligence and the ability to empathize go hand-in-hand.

Increased Motivation

Emotional intelligence is directly linked to the drive to perform well. Because emotionally intelligent students have strong problem-solving and stress management skills, completing a task or achieving a goal will not seem as daunting. Having self-awareness greatly increases feelings of self-confidence and thus makes success seem more achievable.

See How Options Schools Foster Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is directly tied to our mission: Belong, Believe, Achieve. Students who develop higher EQs truly encompass the values of feeling a sense of belonging among their peers, believing in themselves, and achieving their goals.

Why Options Schools?

Emotional intelligence is an essential component of our curriculum at Options Schools. Because our students are the focus of everything we do, we are dedicated to fostering well-rounded, empathetic, and motivated individuals that will one day shape our community.

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