Get Ahead Through Our Advanced Learning Center

Are you interested in getting ahead on your college credits and taking unique classes that really interest you? At Options Schools, we’re making that easier than ever. For students who are committed to participating in a long-term program, not just a year-long class, our Advanced Learning Center provides a plethora of opportunities to expand your education beyond a high school diploma. From Advanced Placement classes to advanced career programs, Options Schools’ ALC has something for everyone. Read on to learn more about all you can achieve through our Advanced Learning Center!

If you are looking for an alternative to public education that offers a multitude of course offerings for college credit, contact Options Schools in Noblesville & Westfield, IN, today!

What is Our Advanced Learning Center?

At Options Schools, our Advanced Learning Center (ALC) is a long-term educational program designed for students looking to get ahead. It is both a physical space at the Options Noblesville campus and a conceptual idea. Essentially, it is the place where our students are pushed to advance further in their scholarly and/or career life beyond just a normal high school diploma. It encompasses all of our dual credit, AP, and advanced career classes.

How Can I Qualify?

Options students qualify for the ALC in several ways:

  1. They have a career interest at one of our career center associates
  2. They have a GPA of 2.6 or above
  3. They have passed an assessment that qualifies them
  4. They have been recommended by a teacher, counselor, or another adult

What Does It Involve?

Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit programs allow students to enroll in courses that earn them credit for both their high school diploma and their permanent college transcript. All credits are part of the college core and should transfer to any college in Indiana.

At Options Schools, our dual credit courses have an advanced curriculum and a heavier workload than standard classes. These classes are designed to give our students more options and greater control over their academic journey. They are taught in-house, virtually (online meetings), or asynchronous (completely online with no meetings), depending on the location of the class.

Here are some of our current dual credit course offerings:

  • Personal Finance and Banking
  • Principles of Business Management
  • Advanced Speech and Communication
  • Advanced English/Language Arts
  • Advanced Pre-Calculus
  • Advanced Sociology

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement, or AP classes, are a new offering at Options Schools. Last year, we had nine students taking an AP Exam for the first time in Options’ history. They are a great way for students to explore their academic interests and strengths while getting ahead on their transcript.

AP is a program created by the College Board that allows high school students to take college-level courses for credit. At the end of every course, students will take the respective AP exam, which is graded on a scale of 1-5. Depending on the course, the student’s test score will determine how many credits they receive on their transcript. For more information about AP courses and exams, visit their official website.

Here are some of our current AP class offerings:

  • AP Physics
  • AP Biology
  • AP World History

Advanced Career Programs

We offer advanced career classes through Ivy Tech Community College, J. Everett Light Career Center, and ABC Prep Academy. This is a great option for students looking to explore different career paths and expand beyond typical high school courses. Most of these classes have an in-person requirement, and our students typically participate in a half-day program. Each class can count as a graduation requirement and can produce dual credits.

Here are some of our current advanced career classes:

  • Automotive
  • Welding
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dental
  • Education
  • Music and Sound Production

Get A Head Start On Your Future!

If you are looking to get a head start on your future, take a look at our fantastic dual credit, AP, and early career course offerings through our Advanced Learning Center. With hands-on learning, extra support, and competitive course offerings, these programs are a fantastic alternative to the traditional high school pathway.

If you are in the central Indiana area and are looking for an advanced high school program, contact Options Schools today!