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Everything The Advanced Learning Center Can Offer Students

The Advanced Learning Center, led by Rob Stewart, our Advanced Learning Specialist at Options Schools, is at the forefront of providing exceptional educational opportunities for students who may not thrive in traditional settings. We understand that every student is unique and deserves tailored support to unlock their full potential. Whether you’re an Options Indiana online student, or attend the Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, or Kokomo campus, we invite you to explore the expansive range of graduation pathways available at our Advanced Learning Center. 

Discover how our innovative approach and unwavering commitment to student success can transform your educational journey. Contact Options Schools today to learn more and embark on a personalized learning experience with our dedicated team of educators.

The Importance of the Advanced Learning Center

At Options Schools, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed academically and personally. That’s why the Advanced Learning Center plays a crucial role in our mission. What sets us apart is our complete Indiana College Core pathway, which equips students with 30+ essential credits that establish a strong foundation for their collegiate journey. By enabling students to bypass a full first year of college credits, we ensure a seamless academic transition, promoting student college readiness and success. What’s more, our smaller campus size allows for more personalized academic guidance and support, enhancing the overall learning experience for our students. We are dedicated to ensuring that every student at Options Schools receives the comprehensive education and support they need to thrive.

Diversified Pathways for College and Career Readiness

We are committed to preparing our students for both college and careers. We understand that not every student is destined for higher education, and that’s why we offer a range of pathways that go beyond the traditional college route. Alongside the Indiana College Core pathway, we provide opportunities for students to earn certifications in various fields, such as business administration, cosmetology, and more through partners that include J Everett Light Career Center. By accumulating relevant credits or certifications during their high school years, our students are not only equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge but also positioned to enter the workforce with a competitive resume. 

What’s Offered Through The Advanced Learning Center?

Career Fairs

Career fairs bring together local businesses and colleges to offer valuable insights and opportunities to our students. By connecting our students with industry professionals, we provide them with a firsthand understanding of various career paths. Options recently hosted its 2024 Student Job Fair on May 10.

College Visits

Through organized college visits, students have the opportunity to explore campuses, interact with current students, attend informational sessions, and get a firsthand experience of college life. These visits not only provide valuable insights into the academic programs and campus culture but also help students envision themselves as part of a particular college community.

21st Century Scholars Assistance

We assist our students in meeting this program’s requirements, such as maintaining a 2.5 GPA, taking the SAT, and participating in college trips. By doing so, we enable them to access scholarship opportunities that alleviate the financial burden of higher education. 

Online and In-House Pathways

Our online and in-house pathways encompass a range of courses directly offered at the campus, providing students with specialized education in high-demand industries such as computer science, business administration, and finance and investment. These pathways are designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen fields while offering a comprehensive educational experience tailored to their career aspirations.

Partner Pathways

Options Schools collaborates with external institutions to offer students additional educational opportunities and resources to enhance their learning. For instance, the Ivy Tech Community College partner pathway provides access to high-paying, high-demand jobs and transfer admission to specific Indiana four-year schools, while our Pursuit Institute partner pathway offers customized career and technical education programs aligned with the needs of local employers, empowering students to pursue specialized career paths.

See the Full List of Career Pathways Here!

How Can Students Get Involved?

We are here to support and guide students in their educational journey, irrespective of which campus they attend. At the Advanced Learning Center, we strive to enhance campus connectivity and raise awareness of the advanced learning opportunities available to all students. We foster an open dialogue and provide comprehensive information, empowering students and their families to make informed decisions about their education. We encourage students to explore the myriad pathways available to them and to reach out for personalized assistance. Every student is unique, and we are dedicated to understanding and addressing their specific needs. So talk with your advisor or connect with Rob, and we’ll set you on your path!

Looking to The Future

The Advanced Learning Center is dedicated to continuous improvement and expansion. We are determined to strengthen our partnerships with institutions like Pursuit Institute and KLR Medical Certification Training School. We understand the importance of providing diverse pathways for our student’s academic and career success. That’s why we are actively working on enhancing transportation options to facilities like J Everett Light Career Center and implementing more online dual credit paths. 

Paving the Path to College and Career Success

As a result of our comprehensive approach to education and personalized support, there has been a significant increase in college applications and acceptances among our attendees. With our commitment to guiding students toward advanced learning opportunities, Options Schools is the perfect choice for those seeking a school that values individualized education. 

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