Student Spotlight: Alexis Coverdale

In this Student Spotlight, we spotlight Alexis Coverdale, a determined and passionate student at Options Schools. Alexis, a senior just a few months away from graduation, has shown immense resilience and commitment in pursuit of her dream career in nursing. Her journey inspires all who face challenges along the way. Join us as we delve into Alexis’ experiences and aspirations and how Options Schools has played a pivotal role in her success.

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A Senior Project with Purpose

As part of her Senior Institute project, Alexis organized a blood drive in collaboration with Versiti Blood Centers. Despite initially being unsure of what project to undertake, her deep-rooted passion for nursing inspired her to explore an area connected to healthcare. The prospect of contributing to the community while gaining valuable insights into the medical field fueled her enthusiasm. Alexis actively promoted the blood drive, designed eye-catching flyers, and coordinated with Versiti Blood Centers. This project not only showcased her communication and organizational skills but also solidified her interest in nursing.

“Communication skills were a big part of it. Honestly, reaching out and talking to everybody, getting invites, getting people to sign up and come and all that. It’s definitely hard.”

A Lifelong Dream of Nursing

Nursing has always been Alexis’ dream, starting from her early years. Even as a young child, she would immerse herself in the world of medicine, playing with miniature doctor tools and eagerly checking her family members’ blood pressure. Her fascination with healthcare persisted throughout her adolescence, leading her to consider pursuing nursing as a lifelong career. Encountering the dedicated surgical healthcare professionals during her grandmother’s surgery further deepened her interest. Alexis realized that she wanted to specialize in surgical nursing and actively researched different paths to make her dream a reality.

“I was so interested in what they were doing. And they were just really nice people was like, ‘Oh. I want to do that!’”

Navigating the Path to Nursing

Alexis’ journey towards nursing wasn’t straightforward. Like many students, she faced uncertainty and had to make important decisions regarding her education. Determined to find the right path, she sought guidance from school mentors and family members. With the support of her aunt, uncle, and Stacy from Options Schools, Alexis explored different options and evaluated various nursing programs. She weighed the advantages of attending larger universities against the possibility of starting at Ivy Tech and transferring later on. She then began taking nursing classes at Ivy Tech.

“I loved it. I made it all the way up to the start of clinicals and that stage. I had my scrubs. I had my blood pressure tools. I had all the machines and stuff that I needed and getting to actually do some work and practice on people and patients, it was so exciting.” 

Balancing Work, Savings, & Fun

In addition to her academic pursuits, Alexis has shown exceptional dedication and responsibility by managing a part-time job alongside her studies. She works as a waitress at Erica’s Place, where she serves customers and contributes to her savings. Alexis understands the importance of financial independence and has been saving up for various expenses, including a car and college. While Alexis’ focus may primarily be on her academic and career aspirations, she also recognizes the need for balance and fulfillment outside of her studies. Alexis enjoys spending her free time with her friends and in the outdoors attending four-wheeling races.

“I wasn’t thinking about really anything in the future yet, but over time I saved and saved. I got a car in December, and I got a loan for it. So now, I’m working to pay that off and car insurance.”

The Transformative Impact of Options Schools

Alexis’ enrollment at Options Schools played a pivotal role in her academic success. Prior to joining Options, she faced challenges with attendance and deliberated dropping out. However, Options provided an encouraging and supportive environment that allowed her to flourish. Smaller class sizes and an atmosphere designed to uplift students’ spirits made all the difference for Alexis. The dedicated staff at Options helped her stay on track, providing invaluable guidance during her critical high school years. With their assistance, she overcame obstacles and is on the path to graduating on time. She has some advice for students who are in a position similar to hers:

“I was two years behind, but if you try and actually put an effort into it, you can do it, especially in high school because I did at least, and there was no way that I was planning on graduating. So if I can, you can too.”

Options Schools Build Strong Foundations for Success

Alexis Coverdale’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the positive impact of a supportive educational institution like Options Schools. Her determination to pursue her passion for nursing, despite the challenges she faced, is truly admirable. Alexis’ story highlights the importance of providing students with a nurturing environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential.

As we celebrate Alexis’ achievements and eagerly anticipate her future in nursing, we invite students in a similar position to consider the transformative possibilities that Options Schools offers. With our strong community, dedicated staff, and personalized approach to education, Options Schools aims to provide students with the foundation they need to excel academically, emotionally, and professionally. Reach out to us today!