What’s in store for Options Noblesville in 2021-22?

When Options Noblesville students and faculty return to campus to begin a new school year in August, there will be some changes to campus, aesthetically and programmatically.

Options Noblesville will return to serving grades 9-12 in the fall of 2021, with brick-and-mortar middle school students to attend Options Westfield. The change will return Options Noblesville to serving high school students, as it has for 12 of the 15 years since it opened in August 2006.

With the return to exclusively high school, Options Noblesville Counselor Rob Stewart has been working on dual credit and certifications for 11th & 12th grade students. With some students involved in the programs currently, Options will be expanding those services to provide students with more opportunities to work ahead by earning credits towards college or career opportunities, in collaboration with Ivy Tech Community College, J Everett Light Career Center, Gaylor Electric and ABC Construction.

A long-time team member of Options Schools, Melanie Martin-Terrell serves as the Principal for Options Noblesville and sees the immense value for students.

“It is very exciting, as these partnerships are going to provide a great selection of expanded services to our current and incoming students,” Martin-Terrell said. “It is great to provide more beyond the traditional high school curriculum, and especially when there is no cost to the student.”

A few Options teachers are also obtaining necessary certifications and qualifications so they can teach college-level courses in their Options classroom. Traditionally, students taking dual credit and certification courses attend Options during the first half of the school day & their dual credit program in the second half, but students can also earn credits without having to leave the Options campus.

The campus interior will be getting some improvements this summer, with fresh paint throughout the building, along with flooring upgrades to the carpeting & tile, to make for a sparking, new interior. In addition to the interior, the campus rec space will get an upgrade in equipment by having its basketball goal system replaced.

“It is important for us to always have a campus where students feel welcome and at home, so we’re excited to maintain that and enhance our learning spaces to continue providing our students with what they need to find long-term success,” said Martin-Terrell. “I am so grateful for the hard work from our teaching team and everyone else on the Options team that makes this possible for our students.”

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