Student Spotlight: Zane Vach

We had the privilege of sitting down with Zane Vach, a senior at Options Schools’ Noblesville campus, to discuss his journey, his passion for aviation, and his future plans. Zane’s story is one of perseverance, following his dreams, and making the most of the opportunities presented to him. Read on to learn more about Zane Vach and his inspiring path toward a career in aviation.

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Finding Options Schools

Zane Vach’s journey to Options Schools began when his family relocated their business, All-in-One Propane, from Florida to Indiana. After a year of being out of high school, Zane found himself searching for a new educational path. Intrigued by Options Schools’ reputation for a supportive and structured environment, he decided to visit the campus. Instantly impressed by the warm reception and the dedication of the faculty and staff, Zane knew that this was the place for him.

“I visited Options Schools and really liked the people and the structure.”

Zane also gained valuable experience working in his family’s business and as an employee at Texas Roadhouse, where his exceptional work ethic earned him the recognition of Employee of the Month.

Discovering His Passion for Aviation

Thanks to the guidance of Robert Stewart, an Advanced Learning Specialist at Options Schools, Zane discovered LIFT Academy, a flight school that offers a high-intensity, low-volume education for aspiring commercial airline pilots. His interest in the field led him to attend an aviation career day, where he gained valuable insights into different career paths in the industry.

“Attending the career day was informative, and hearing from experienced professionals in the industry gave me valuable insights.”

Zane has been conditionally accepted to LIFT Academy and plans to start after graduating from Options Schools. Once he completes his training at LIFT Academy, Zane aspires to work with Republic Airlines. Zane’s long-term goal is to excel in his career as a pilot and continue to grow and develop in the field.

Zane’s Involvement  in School Projects

Aside from his career pursuits, Zane has been a part of several projects and initiatives that have enhanced the educational experience for students and faculty alike. He is currently completing his Senior Institute Project. His Senior Institute Project at Options Schools merges with his capstone class, where each student manages their own role within the corporation known as Kirby Corp. 

As part of this project, Zane distributed personalized gifts to the teachers, showing his appreciation for their hard work and dedication. In addition to these gifts, Zane and his mother are planning to showcase their cooking skills by bringing their unique dishes to the event. One dish they have in mind is bulgogi, a delicious Korean-style beef dish. The project has already gained support through a successful cookie sale, which raised approximately $350 in just three days. These funds will be used to support the purchase of gifts for the faculty and staff. Working on the Senior Institute Project has provided Zane with more experience that will be beneficial to him as a pilot, where teamwork is crucial.

“Working on these projects has given me more experience in collaborating and working with others.”

Wishing Zane Vach Blue Skies and Success in his Aviation Pursuits

Zane Vach is an exceptional student with a strong dedication to his academic and professional pursuits. His passion for aviation, involvement in school projects, and commitment to his future goals make him a remarkable member of the Options Schools community. We are excited to see Zane’s continued success and wish him all the best as he prepares to embark on his journey in aviation.

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