Maria Pacalo

Staff in Noblesville & Carmel, IN | Options Charter School
Administrative Assistant, OPTIONS NOBLESVILLE

When did you begin working in education?
I started at Carmel High School in 2005 as an Administrative Assistant – I worked in finance at the central office for a year and then accepted the position of Registrar that I held for 10 years.  I recently worked as treasurer for Hamilton Heights High School before accepting the position at Options.

When did you join the Options team?
August 2023

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Options team?
I’m excited about joining the Options team to enjoy a more personal experience of knowing “everyone” in a smaller school setting.

What do you enjoy outside of Options?
I spend the majority of my free time outside of work volunteering at The Animal Protection League in Anderson which includes walking dogs, fostering cats and I’m also a board member. I also enjoy spending time with my human family and friends.


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