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(Jake’s Blog)

April 17-28

I can’t believe we only have six weeks of school left for the 2016-17 school year!  We are wrapping up ...
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March 17-24

Thank you for being extremely patient with our ISTEP+ testing over the past two weeks.  Sophomore students were able to ...
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February 8-22

What an amazing start to the month of February!  We are on the right track to our goal this semester, ...
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January 23-February 3, 2017

What a great start to the Spring Semester!  We are enrolling new students every week and we are still earning ...
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January 4-13, 2017

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great winter break.  I am super excited to begin the spring semester.  ...
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November 18 -30

Students have completed over 20 PLATO credits this month and they are working hard to finish up the semester!  We ...
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Noblesville News

(Camille’s Blog)

Options Charter School-Noblesville-6 Weeks Left!!

I hope everyone had a great spring break. It was great to see all the students back this week. We ...
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Options Noblesville

Hello Everyone, the sophomores did a great job with ISTEP+ testing over the last 2 weeks. We have a great ...
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Options Charter School-Noblesville It is ISTEP+ week for the Sophomores. They will be doing Part 1 of the ISTEP+ exam ...
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Feb. 6-11

Options Charter School-Noblesville We are almost ⅓ complete with this semester. This means we will be having a ½ day ...
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Jan. 23-27 Blog Post

Options Charter School-Noblesville This week is National School Choice Week. School choice is very important to every student that goes ...
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Jan. 2nd – Jan. 6th Weekly Blog

I hope everyone had a great winter break and a Merry Christmas. Please contact Jesse if you need your PowerSchool ...
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