Welcome Back!

We have had an amazing kickoff to the spring semester!  We just celebrated having 99% of our students earn every credit during our Fall Semester and they have made a pledge to continue to turn in every assignment for the Spring Semester.  We have enrolled several new students and our current students and staff members have welcomed them to our Options family.  I’m looking forward to a great semester.  Here are a few reminders for the month of January.

Friday, January 19, from 12:30-3:00pm—National Popcorn Day

We will be celebrating by watching 6 different movies in 6 different classrooms.  We will be serving popcorn and drinks as students kick back to watch their favorite movies with their teachers and friends.

Monday, January 22-26—National School Choice Week

We will be celebrating Options Charters School and helping students appreciate their right choose their school based on their individual needs with various events throughout the week!

Please check your emails for our February Newsletter

Have a great month and stay warm!

Dec. 11th-15th Blog Options Noblesville

ISTEP+ and ECA testing has arrived


The Junior ISTEP+ testers have had a good week of testing. The Senior ECA testers are next week


All ECA testers have been sent a testing schedule in the mail. If you have not received that, please contact your student’s advisor or you can contact me.


English ECA:  Tues. Dec. 12th at 8:30am, please arrive by 8:20.

Math ECA: Thurs. Dec. 14th at 8:30am, please arrive by 8:20.


If you are an online student, please arrange to come on the above dates. If you are unable to do that, you will need to schedule an alternate date and time.


Any students that are not taking the ECA tests have the morning off and will be coming to school at 12:45pm on the above dates.


We have 2 weeks to go. Please make sure you are checking Powerschool for the current grades. The Powerschool link is https://optionsined.powerschool.com/public/home.html.

If you have any questions about if or when your student is testing please call me ASAP.


Reminder: We have after-school student hours for any student that wants more time and help from our great staff. ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO USE THIS TIME.


Monday: 3-5pm   Teachers: Matt and Jen

Tuesday: 3-6pm   Teachers: Rob and Dan

Wednesday: 3-6pm Teachers: Josh and Ryan

Thursday: 3-6pm Teachers: Ryan, and Rob

Let your Options work for you,


Jake Brandau


December Student of the Month

Good day,

My name is Andrey Rapp. I am a senior at Options Charter School in Carmel. I’ve been at this school my entire high school life. I came to this school because I didn’t live near any other school, except Carmel High School. But my father and I agreed that I should not attend CHS because we were concerned about the large number of students that attend and that I would not get the help I need from the teachers, which is why I came to Options. I struggle with work and won’t ask for help when I need it. I tend to lose my focus and get distracted and won’t be able to get back on task in large classes. When I first came to Options, I didn’t know anyone. I was that one shy kid in the back of the class. But when one of the teachers, who is no longer teaching at Options, came up to me, introduced himself, and got me to crawl out of my shell, I felt like I was right at home. The small class sizes give the teachers a chance to get one-on-one time with each student, helping you when require it and making you feel like you’re a part of the family. That’s basically what this school is, one giant family. I feel safe at school to talk with teachers and students about anything that may be bothering me, whether it’s my personal life or just things that have been on my mind. I’m glad I made the right choice in coming to Options, and I’m glad I spent all four years here.


Andrey Rapp

November Student of the Month

Pilar McPherson is in the 11th grade at our Carmel campus. She was chosen as our October 2017 Student of the Month because she is a hard worker, active in classroom discussions, puts in the time necessary to be successful, sets a good example for the other students and is genuinely kind to all of those around her. Here’s a little insight on her journey to Options: Hi, my name is Pilar and I am a junior at Options Charter School in Carmel. I live with my grandma, aunt, mom, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a bearded dragon. In my spare time, I like to play softball, go shopping, and play/spend time with Thor (my bearded dragon). My grandma discovered Options in the middle of my sophomore year when I was really struggling at my old school. In most of my classes I had Ds or Fs and I felt as if the teachers had no interest in helping me. Options is the opposite of my old school. Every teacher at Options is there to help you understand and excel in your studies. The teachers also get involved in your every day life and take the time to ask how your day is going, how you are feeling and really care about each student. I am so glad I found Options and now make As and Bs in my classes and actually enjoy going to school.


Fall Break is Around the Corner

Fall Break is coming soon. This is a much needed break for students and staff. Hopefully, when everyone returns we will be able to make a strong push through the rest of the semester.


Lunch Program: We are now doing weekly orders for lunches and it has been going well. Students must place their order by Wed. at noon for the following week. Please make sure you are depositing money for your student to stay in the positive balance. We will send letters home if students are in the negative.


Upcoming Events:


Oct. 11th   PSAT test(Soph. and Juniors.)

Oct. 16th-20th  Fall Break

Oct. 27th   Halloween Party 12-2 (Early Release at 2pm)


Reminder: We have after-school student hours for any student that wants more time and help from our great staff. Also our clubs are during this time.  ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO USE THIS TIME.


Monday: 3-5:00pm          Teachers: Matt and Jennifer

Tuesday: 3-5:00pm          Teachers: Rob and Dan

Wednesday: 3-5:00pm     Teachers: Ryan

Thursday: 3-5:00pm         Teachers: Ryan and Rob


If you have any questions, please contact me at jbrandau@optionsined.org or call the school at 317-773-8659.


Let your Options work for you,


Jake Brandau


October Student of the Month

Hi, my name is Mario Nava and I’m a junior at options. I’m 16 years old and I have three siblings. I have one younger brother who also goes to Options and a little sister in elementary school. My older brother has graduated from high school and is going to college soon. We are all first generation Mexican-American born. My family is very close because my parents work a lot and many of their responsibilities have fallen on my older brother and me. We take care of our younger siblings and try to focus on school as much as we can. Options is the perfect place for our situation because they work with us on certain aspects that would hold me back from doing well in school before I came here. They are way more personal and the teachers and students actually know each other and are comfortable when they talk. Since I started coming here I don’t dread coming to school and I actually look forward to it. My grades are better than they have ever been and I can also keep a closer eye on my little brother who struggles more than I do. I also know that when I can’t help, the teachers here care and will help him. Although it’s not the same as a traditional high school I think that for me personally it can be better. Coming to Options was the best decision I could have made for my education because for once I feel like I am actually being set up for success and not stress and sadness.

Mario Nava

P.E. Blog- Carmel

This quarter, the Health and Nutrition classes have been exploring nutrients and their affect on the body. We have done labs that have given us knowledge about food labels, serving sizes and the digestive process.

The physical education and games classes have been playing basketball, wiffleball, badminton, football, table tennis and capture the flag. We have also been using ESPN Sports Science to look at the affects of math and science in sports.

The weightlifting classes have been learning about the different lifts and proper technique. We have also learned how to fill out a work out log and how proper nutrition influences muscle growth!

Fall Break Around the Corner

Wow! Where has the time gone? We are two weeks away from Fall Break! I am so excited about our new enrollments and getting the opportunity to catch up with all of our students. We are currently having elections for our student government and preparing ideas for fundraisers for the 2017-18 school year.

As we are preparing students to turn in assignments prior to fall break, cell phones are becoming an issue in class. Students are texting and sending videos during class time and not completing their assignments. I would appreciate your support in this effort.

We have a very busy month ahead of us so here are a few friendly reminders:

Students will now pre-order lunch every Tuesday for the following week. The cost of lunch, beginning Monday, October 2nd will be $3.75. Students that qualify for free lunches will not be charged and students that qualify for reduced lunches will pay $1.00. If your student orders lunch, you are responsible for the cost of the meal even if your student is absent. We will not have extra lunches for students who do not pre-order.
Picture day is October 6th. Order forms will be going home with your students today. You can also order online at mylifetouch.com using picture day ID HM787176Y0.
PSATs are October 11th for every sophomore and junior student
Spirit Wear order forms are due by Friday, October 13
Fall Break is October 16th – 20th
Have a super week and feel free to email, cscott@optionsined.org if you have any questions or concerns!

New School Year!

I can’t believe August is almost coming to a close! We still have open enrollment and limited seats available. Please feel free to share your student’s experience with other families so they can enroll as well. We have Open Houses for interested families every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30.


Don’t forget that our annual Fall picnic will be on Friday, September 1 at Roy G. Holland Memorial Park, 1 Park Dr., Fishers IN, 46038 from 10:00am-1:00pm. Parents can drop off and pick up students from the park. We will be located in the Picnic Shelter directly in the middle of the park. Please feel free to send chips, snacks, soda or desserts with your student.


Here are some friendly reminders of some very important dates for the month of September:

September 8—Half Day (12:45 dismissal) for Staff Professional Development

September 18—NWEA Testing Begins

September 22—Half Day (12:45 dismissal) for ISP Day


English rocks

I’m Gretchen Taylor and this is my 11th year teaching English at Options! I’m excited for another year of teaching and to tell you a little about what’s going on in my classes.

All of the core classes (English 9-1, 10-1, and 11-1) started out by writing a three paragraph story about a topic of the student’s choice. The students then spent a day revising their stories and then read the stories that other students in the building had written. The students did not know who had written which story and were asked to offer a compliment, a suggestion, and a rating to each writer. The classes are then moving on to reading our first novels for the year.

In addition to those classes, I’m teaching a short story class. We’ve started off the year by reading the short stories that several famous authors wrote in response to the children’s book The Adventures of Harris Burdick. Today, the students started reading “Another Place, Another Time,” which deals with time travel as the 4th dimension. Next week, the students will be responding to the story by writing their own stories involving time travel.

I’m also teaching a Themes in Literature class that is focused on fairy tales. We started off by examining some of the myths about fairy tales, such as the fact that while they are normally thought of as children’s stories, in reality they are often quite gruesome and unacceptable for small children. As we continue, we’ll be studying specific fairy tales including Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and – of course – Cinderella as well as several lesser known fairy tales.