Graduate Spotlight: Braxton Jones

In this graduate spotlight, you’ll meet Braxton Jones, a recent 2024 graduate of Options Schools, who was able to excel in the online learning program Options Indiana while pursuing his passion for gymnastics. Braxton’s story is a testament to the personalized, supportive environment provided by Options Schools, allowing high-performing athletes like him to thrive academically while excelling in extracurricular activities. His commitment to gymnastics and academic success exemplifies the unique opportunities available through our online learning program, highlighting our dedication to supporting students in achieving their full potential.

At Options Schools, online learning offers Indiana students the flexibility and support they need to succeed academically and pursue their passions. Our personalized and flexible approach to education allows students like Braxton to balance their athletic pursuits with a rigorous academic curriculum, preparing them for success in both their chosen field and beyond. If you believe your student could benefit from a personalized, flexible, and supportive educational experience, we invite you to learn more about Options Schools and online learning through Options Indiana. 

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A Gymnast’s Dedication

Braxton was introduced to gymnastics at the age of four when his first gymnastics coach noticed his potential. He quickly progressed and began taking recreational classes before landing at Fishers’ DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics in eighth grade. Competing from December through the end of the school year, and participating in six annual gymnastics events requires a significant time commitment that traditional high schools just couldn’t accommodate. 

Finding the Right Fit

Braxton faced lots of challenges in a traditional high school setting. He shared, “When I was in traditional school, I would have to do homework in the car every single night and it was terrible.” Late nights at the gym, coupled with long days at school and homework, meant tiring days, lack of focus, and overall physical and mental struggles. For Braxton, there were better learning environments than attending a traditional high school. It was during his freshman year that a family friend recommended Options Schools to Braxton’s mother, and the transition proved to be the right fit. The online program allowed Braxton to complete his school work on his own schedule, giving him the freedom to pursue his diverse interests and excel in both academics and athletics.

Balancing Academics, Work, and Gymnastics

Braxton balanced completing online schoolwork in the morning, working as an after-school assistant at a local elementary school in the afternoon, and practicing gymnastics until 9 PM almost daily. His daily schedule proves the adaptability and efficiency of online education while still allowing time to pursue passions outside of academics.

Shining on and off the Mat

Braxton recently finished first individually at both state and regional competitions in Spring 2024. Despite his busy gymnastics schedule, Braxton also has a passion for videography and photography. This passion has inspired his decision to pursue a major in digital media at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, where he will also continue to compete in gymnastics on an academic scholarship. Braxton’s journey proves that Options Schools allows students to pursue their passions while succeeding academically.

Optimizing the Flexibility of Online Learning

Online learning allowed Braxton to achieve his goals without having to sacrifice his passions. Being a top athlete has earned Braxton the privilege of traveling far to compete. With online learning, he enjoys the freedom to complete schoolwork from any location. Options Indiana students also benefit from one-on-one support from program teachers and counselors. Braxton benefitted from the guidance provided by his Options Indiana advisor Charles. Braxton noted, “He’s really supportive and understanding.” The online program provides a well-rounded, supportive, and individualized approach to education.

The Impact of Online Learning

For Braxton’s mother, online learning has been a game changer for their family. The flexibility to complete school work from home cuts out the lost time of transportation, lunch, study halls, and other time-consuming aspects of traditional school. She’s noticed improvements in Braxton’s focus, grades, and overall well-being, bringing peace of mind to a working parent.

Options Schools Celebrates Personal and Academic Growth

Braxton’s inspiring journey at Options Schools showcases the power of personalized, supportive education in nurturing both academic excellence and extracurricular passions. During graduation, Braxton was also awarded the 2024 Senior Institute Scholarship for Options Indiana North. His success in balancing academic rigor with his dedication to gymnastics exemplifies the opportunities available through Options Schools’ online learning program—a program designed to help students thrive in a flexible, engaging environment. 

If you’re a parent seeking a tailored educational experience for your student that values their unique needs and aspirations, we encourage you to explore our programs further. Contact us today to discover how we can provide the right support and opportunities for your child to achieve their full potential in a setting that truly understands and values their individual journey.