Fall Break & Field Trips




As we are starting October, we have a couple dates to remember:


Connor Prairie                        Tues. Oct. 9th

PSAT testing                            Wed. Oct. 10th

Fall Break                                 Mon Oct. 15th-19th


Seniors will not have to be at school on Wed. Oct. 10th due to Sophomore and Junior PSAT testing


Reminder: We have after-school student hours for any student that wants more time and help from our great staff. ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO USE THIS TIME.


Monday: 3-5pm   Teachers: Matt and Rob

Tuesday: 3-5pm   Teachers: Jen, Krista, and Dan

Wednesday: 3-5pm Teachers: Rob and Ryan

Thursday: 3-5pm Teachers: Josh and Ryan


School Notes and Information:


Front Office:

Please notify Bri if you student is sick via email or phone call before 9am each day. If you student is leaving early or arriving late due to a doctor appointment please also notify us so we can accurately record their attendance. If you have any questions about the attendance policy please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Jen’s Math Class:

My Algebra class made triangles to show Pythagorean Theorem.  Then they were the teacher for the hour.


Krista’s English:

We are starting a new unit in English, which is a biography of the students choosing. We are spending extra time learning to cite sources and putting together an MLA formatted work cited sheet.


Krista’s Art:

In art class, we have been quilling, which is an art form that uses tiny strips of paper coiled into rolls. The rolls are then used collectively to create a form.



18/19 Missing Assignment List Procedures


Turning in Assignments = Good Grades = Earning Credits = Graduation


  • All grades will be posted to PowerSchool Monday night
  • Students on the missing assignment list will meet with School Counselor Tuesday morning to discuss missing work and develop an action plan
  • Students choose to do their work as homework, during lunch (T, W, TH, M) or after-school tutoring (Mon-Thurs)- letting them choose allows ownership and helps with taking responsibility for their actions.
  • The list restarts every week, which allows to have a fresh start
  • Students who are on the missing assignment list frequently or who don’t make up work, will be referred to the principal/assistant principal


Student Incentives

  • Each week students not on the missing assignment list will receive 1 snack from school store  
  • Every month there will be a drawing for 10 dollar gift card for students who have not more than 1 missing assignment   


Rob’s English:

In Novels this week we have started a project involving the creation of an object from the Transformers Universe.  Students will have the ability to be extremely creative yet purposeful for this project. It will involve the said creation along with a presentation covering the importance and history of the object and how it pertains to the Transformers galaxy.


Josh’s Social Studies:

This week, U.S. History will be looking at factors leading up to the Civil War. Government will be exploring how states relate to one another both inside and outside the Constitution; as well as exploring how new states may be formed within the United States. World History and Geography will continue looking at regional diversity in the United States. Work continues in Indiana History with research project exploring classic American car companies that were based out of the Hoosier State through the 1900’s such as Duesenberg and Studebaker. We will also be hosting a field trip alongside Environmental Science for this class on Tuesday (10/9) to Conner Prairie.

We are still enrolling for this school year. If you know of anyone that needs a new place to learn, please have them contact me at jbrandau@optionsined.org or call the school at 317-773-8659.


Let your Options work for you,


Jake Brandau