First month of school fun!

As we are wrapping up August, we have a couple dates to remember:

Camptown White River Canoe Trip           Wed. Aug. 29th

School Picnic Fri. Sept. 7th

ASVAB Testing for Juniors and Seniors    Fri. Sept. 14th


Camptown Canoe Trip will be from 9am-4pm on Wed. Aug. 29th

Transportation will be provided by the school

Permission slips were sent home last week and please bring a sack lunch


Reminder: We have after-school student hours for any student that wants more time and help from our great staff. ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO USE THIS TIME.


Monday: 3-5pm   Teachers: Matt and Rob

Tuesday: 3-5pm   Teachers: Jen, Krista, and Dan

Wednesday: 3-5pm Teachers: Rob and Ryan

Thursday: 3-5pm Teachers: Josh and Ryan


School Notes and Information:

Front Office:

Please notify Bri if your student is sick via email or phone call before 9am each day. If you student is leaving early or arriving late due to a doctor appointment please also notify us so we can accurately record their attendance. If you have any questions about the attendance policy please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Krista’s English:

We have been reading “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier” in all my classes. This story chronicles the life of a boy soldier’s, Ishmael Bael, life during Sierra Leone’s civil war and his subsequent rehabilitation in the U.S. He went on to become an advocate for children affected by war. This week we will begin watching “Blood Diamond,” a movie that brings to light the personal struggle of Sierra Leone civilians. Look for a letter that was sent home Friday. We have been working specifically on historical context, author’s purpose, and figurative language.


Krista’s Art:

We have been working on the elements of art by exploring lines, shapes, forms, texture, and value. Students will be turning in a painting that exhibits the texture of some natural element. So far, I have seen a lot of trees!


Dan’s PE/Health:

This year is the first year that I will be at both Options locations. I am at Carmel on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday. I am at Noblesville on Tuesdays Thursdays, and every other Friday. I am co-teaching personal finance with Angie Smith (CTE Teacher at Noblesville) and Study Skills with Lauren Bangs (Special Ed Teacher at Carmel). If you have any questions or are interested in any of my clubs feel free to let me know:

After School Tutoring/Clubs 3pm-5pm

Every other Tuesday at Noblesville (PE Club/Tutoring)

Every other Wednesday at Carmel (PE Club/ Tutoring)



18/19 Missing Assignment List Procedures


Turning in Assignments = Good Grades = Earning Credits = Graduation


  • All grades will be posted to PowerSchool Monday night
  • Students on the missing assignment list will meet with School Counselor Tuesday morning to discuss missing work and develop an action plan
  • Students choose to do their work as homework, during lunch (T, W, TH, M) or after-school tutoring (Mon-Thurs)- letting them choose allows ownership and helps with taking responsibility for their actions.
  • The list restarts every week, which allows to have a fresh start
  • Students who are on the missing assignment list frequently or who don’t make up work, will be referred to the principal/assistant principal

Student Incentives

  • Each week student is not on the missing assignment list they will receive 1 snack from school store  
  • Every month there will be a drawing for 10 dollar gift card. Student who have not more than 1 missing assignment   


Stacie’s Science:

Science classes are very busy. Environmental science class is studying the effect of regular versus “green” detergent on the sprouting of mung beans. This experiment is long term and open ended. They should grow in their ability to understand scientific experimental and data gathering methods that scientists utilize in order to understand issues affecting our world. Biology class is conducting an experiment to examine the effect of using hand sanitizer versus soap and water on cleaning dirty hands. Ask your students how dirty our hands can get just using our phones and opening doors! ICP is honing their basic science and data interpretation skills for the first few weeks of school. This beginning unit is challenging but our students are rising to it. The Robotics students are getting organized and ready to start building and programming robots. MS STEM students are busy building a structure to demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion.


Josh’s Social Studies:

Social Studies- This week, U.S. History will be covering colonial period, emphasizing how European settlement helped create cultural trends and boundaries that exist to this day. Government will be exploring the core principles of democracy, and by the end of the week we will be discussing the historical foundations of the American system. World History just finished exploring the “Why” of why the subject exists, and is now looking at Human Geography, and how geographers view humans culturally and within our environments. Indiana History is continuing with readings regarding our pioneer history, and in the next several weeks will begin exploring state government.


We are still enrolling for this school year. If you know of anyone that needs a new place to learn, please have them contact me at or call the school at 317-773-8659.


Let your Options work for you,


Jake Brandau