October Student of the Month

Hi, my name is Mario Nava and I’m a junior at options. I’m 16 years old and I have three siblings. I have one younger brother who also goes to Options and a little sister in elementary school. My older brother has graduated from high school and is going to college soon. We are all first generation Mexican-American born. My family is very close because my parents work a lot and many of their responsibilities have fallen on my older brother and me. We take care of our younger siblings and try to focus on school as much as we can. Options is the perfect place for our situation because they work with us on certain aspects that would hold me back from doing well in school before I came here. They are way more personal and the teachers and students actually know each other and are comfortable when they talk. Since I started coming here I don’t dread coming to school and I actually look forward to it. My grades are better than they have ever been and I can also keep a closer eye on my little brother who struggles more than I do. I also know that when I can’t help, the teachers here care and will help him. Although it’s not the same as a traditional high school I think that for me personally it can be better. Coming to Options was the best decision I could have made for my education because for once I feel like I am actually being set up for success and not stress and sadness.

Mario Nava