English students learn about Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

On Friday, students at Options’ Carmel and Noblesville campuses joined in a group video call with Bill Farrar, the Founder and Executive Director of Fountains of Hope. Fountains of Hope (FoH) works to provide safe, life-giving water to those in need around the world. FoH leads mission teams all over the world installing reliable and sustainable water purification systems.

During Farrar’s presentation, students and teachers learned about how Fountains of Hope transforms lives through safe water and how Farrar’s journey led him from a career as an aeronautical professional engineer to completing 186 water projects in places like Haiti, India, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

After being laid off from his role as a helicopter/airplane mechanic, Ferrar was unsure if his engineering background would be utilized again. Following a short tenure in real estate, Ferrar was faced with a new opportunity involving water purification systems. After realizing the opportunity to utilize his background and knowledge in engineering to make a positive impact, Ferrar never looked back.

“I just wanted more than the manufacturing aspect,” said Farrar. “I also wanted to be the one to be sent out to places to help people, instead of being the person to send other people out across the world. I also like for everyone to remember that being nice to other people goes a long way.”

Farrar surely has seen a lot in the time since Fountains of Hope was founded in 2009, having installed water purification systems in 17 different countries and experiencing things like gunfire in Kenya.

The presentation from Farrar was in conjunction with Carmel & Noblesville students reading the book ‘A Long Walk to Water.’ Featuring themes of perseverance, A Long Walk to Water (2010) shares the intertwining stories of two children in Sudan in the midst of a civil war in the region. Students were also able to see the water purification system that FoH installs across the globe.

As Carmel and Noblesville students read the book as part of an Ethnic Literature course, they also had really good discussions about the book’s contents. Students conversed about how important water is, what a privilege it is to have easy access to clean drinking water and how it is something people can very easily take for granted.



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