Dunagan’s Blog: Options Westfield is growing before our eyes…

Options Westfield campus opens June 2021

If you have ever had an opportunity to build a home, you know how exciting AND stressful the process can be.  You get to customize your home to fit your needs.  That of course means making lots of decisions, from the exterior trim color to the wiring and location of outlets in each room.  The Options team has been dreaming of this new campus for many years, and we are months away from being finished with our new home in Westfield!  Our team has been working with architects, designers, and builders to make that dream come true.

This past week, we took several staff members from Options Carmel on a tour of the new Westfield building.  The building is really starting to take shape.  Most of the windows are installed and the framing for the interior walls is up.  You can really start to see where the classrooms and offices will be.  In the next few weeks, the drywall will go up. The outside of the building is also coming along.  The brickwork has started, and the roof is almost complete.  It is really starting to look like a school!  Standing in front of the building brings chills knowing we will soon be teaching students in the building this summer for summer school.

On the tour, we saw the high school and middle school wings.  Each will have their own section of the building classrooms, restrooms, and common areas.  The common areas will have flex seating where students can gather or for a small group to work together.  While they were on the tour, staff stopped at their future classrooms and offices to take a picture.  You could feel the excitement in the cold air. Every classroom has large windows that fill the space with natural light. 

In Gretchen’s English class, she has a large window that weighs over 600 pounds and took 10 people to install. In JD’s science classroom, you can see the gas lines run in the walls for future lab stations.  The middle school is no different.  They have large classrooms with large windows. Steve stopped in his future middle school classroom to grab a picture from the front of the room. Each classroom will have new student and teacher desks and chairs.  Tables are designed to be moveable so that teachers and students can adjust the seating to meet the needs of the particular lesson. They can be pushed together to make groups or spread out for testing.  No detail has been missed.  It is so exciting to start to picture it all.  Steve was already thinking of how he wants to decorate his classroom to start the year. One last essential area that was added to the building was a teacher workroom.  Teachers will now have a space where they can meet to work and prep for the day.

The office area is similar to the classrooms.  The entire entry area will be filled with windows that overlook a small courtyard.  In our new building, the main entrance is easy to find with its long covered walkway.  As we walked the administrative offices, we saw the large space that will serve as a resource area for staff and students to work.  The resource area will be filled with flex seating and small workstations.  It will be a great quiet space for students to work. As we made our way back to the front, we stopped to see the different offices and the conference room.  On the tour, Jenny stopped and stood in her giant office area where she will greet students and visitors each morning. (It would take three people holding hands to touch wall to wall!) She will be able to look out her window into the lobby and see the wall of windows bringing in all that natural light. 

Westfield will also have a large cafe/gym area with an attached weight room.  The space will have two-story ceilings and open onto a large outdoor patio.  Since I know many students have wondered, there will be a basketball goal as well.  We are very excited about the flexibility the space offers to host lunch, gym class, large group activities, or a space for classes to spread out for a project.  The patio will allow for teachers to host class outside.

The Westfield campus will hold many more exciting opportunities for our students and staff!  Once we are able to move in this summer, we hope you will join us for some of the many community events we will be hosting. If you would like a campus tour, I welcome you to email me at mdunagan@optionsined.org!

— Dunagan —


Construction on the Options Westfield campus will be completed in May 2021, with the campus to open for summer classes on Monday, June 7. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for information on campus events this summer!

Serving students in grades 6-12, Options Schools are free, public charter schools with two brick and mortar campuses in Hamilton County. Options also offers additional programs that serve students throughout the state of Indiana (serving over 129 school corporations). With a high-quality, individualized approach, Options was founded in 2002 and specializes in providing students with an inclusive environment and a student-to-teacher ratio of 15-to-1.


Scroll down for additional photos of Options Westfield’s progress from February 8!