Student Spotlight – April 29

Tori [far left] spends some time at the park with her siblings

While Options Schools students work to complete the 2019-20 school year via eLearning, we caught up with one student to see how things are going! Meet Tori, a sophomore at Options-Noblesville, Tori Symons was also named the Student of the Month in February for Options-Noblesville High School.

How have your classes been since transitioning to eLearning?
I’ve been on top of my work and trying my hardest to do the best I can and get the grades I want. It’s hard not having my teachers with me to help one-on-one with me so I can get direct help, but I’ve been managing it pretty well.

How have you been maintaining a good schedule while eLearning?
I have a daily schedule I go by every day. I wake up at 8:30-9 am and get myself ready and start doing my schoolwork right after. I spend a few hours each day working on my work for all my classes and usually finish up either before or after I have lunch, so I have the rest of the day to relax and do what I want without worrying about schoolwork.

Do you have any tips or tricks for staying productive while eLearning?
I think doing your work at once and avoiding distractions is best because you don’t have to do work all day by spreading it out. For some people that works so they don’t feel overwhelmed by doing work all at once. Having a positive mindset is also a big key because you have to have the motivation to get work done and want to get good grades to pass. Without that mindset, work will be put off and incomplete which will negatively affect your grades.

Have you & your family been doing anything creative at home to stay active?
My family goes on a walk every day for over an hour so we can get out of the house. We also have a food truck once a week in our neighborhood so we can have some good outside food. We also watch ‘The Goldbergs’ show together as a family-night thing. My favorite thing we do is play bingo with our neighbors once a week outside, 6 feet apart & get together, but safely.


About Options Schools
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