Student of the Month

Hi my name is Jaiyla and I am a freshman at Options Charter High School. I am 15 years old and I have 1 brother whom also attends Options and 1 sister. I am very kind, sweet, and caring. In the past, I struggled with a lot of behavior and academic problems in school but when I came to Options, it all changed. The reason I came here is because I was not succeeding at my previous school. I had poor grades and I wasn’t doing too well because I was picked on and bullied. When I came to Options, I felt like I was welcomed. Everyone at Options is nice. They have great teachers and they help you so much. If you are failing, they will find a way to get your grade up. At Options, their standards are excellent. They have helped me work through a lot of my struggles and now I am earning good grades. I stay on task and I am not getting bullied or picked on anymore. The teachers makes hold you accountable and make sure you complete your work and they have after school tutoring if you need help with anything. Ever since I came to Options I have been much more positive and happy. This school is awesome! I am glad I came to Options because if I hadn’t come to this school I feel like I would been stuck in bad situations with failing grades.